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So When Is The Best Time To Plant Crapemyrtles?

The best time for planting trees and shrubs is usually during the dormant season, in the fall after leaf drop. Some trees are considered fall digging hazards and need to be planted later in the winter. However, crapemyrtles are the exception to many standard practices.  You will be more successful with crapemyrtles if you understand how they perform and work within their parameters.


ReWholsesale Center

Our Rewholesale Center stocks over 500 different species and cultivars of landscape plants.  Current availability is accessible through our bi-weekly emails.  Wholesale customers should contact us to be included in this mailing.


B&B Stockyard

We pride ourselves on being a valued supplier all year. Our balled and burlapped (B&B) stockyard maintains a supply of field-grown trees, “predug” for summer sales.